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Professional Development

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Unlike other sports, success in motorsport is dependent on many external variables. Car setup, conditions, the input of engineers, the commitment of the mechanics, the support of team bosses – these components – a mixture of environmental, technical and political – can make or break a career. With opportunities to make it to the very top level few and far between, having a trusted and experienced team around you to identify and turn these factors in your favour is paramount. 

Rupert Snr’s time working for F1 teams spanned 25 years, fulfilling every role from the most junior at the back of the garage to the most senior on the pitwall. Having worked directly with some of the finest drivers of their generations – Piquet, Senna and Alonso – (as well as some of the finest engineering brains) he is well accustomed to the right winning behaviours and a few ‘tricks’. Rupert Jnr continues to see in today’s F1 paddock the softer skills a driver requires to build the right team and momentum behind them.

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With over 50 years of experience in motorsport combined, Rupert Snr and Jnr have the understanding of the sport and the contacts to make the right choices and open the right doors.


Having negotiated over 100 driver contracts, Rupert Snr is an experienced hand in this department and, focussing on the driver’s desires and objectives, Rusport serves to carve the best possible careers for its driver clients. 

Career Guidance

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Like any sport, talent alone is not enough. Following a masters in exercise physiology and working as a visiting lecturer, Rupert Jnr set out researching the stress response to driving a racing car – a much under-researched area in sports science – and has since developed the most up-to-date and engaging methods in preparing drivers for the physical demands of race-car driving, including the best nutritional strategies. 


Having worked with over 15 drivers of differing nationalities, Rupert Jnr understands the individual ways drivers can respond to the unique pressures the sport imposes and how to help them get into the right mindset. He is also an experienced sports therapist (qualified in sports massage, acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation techniques) and well versed in managing and rehabilitating common musculoskeletal issues racing drivers face. 

Athletic Preparation

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